Now that Michael Bloomberg has joined in the race, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren say that he can’t buy the country.  But it’s okay for them to sell it.

There is no question that of all the Democratic contenders, Michael Bloomberg, an ex- Republican, has the best chance of beating Trump.  It should be interesting.

Poor little Kamala Harris has dropped out amidst complaints of being treated badly by the press.  She just didn’t have it, that’s all.  Her problem was that she began to believe her own press releases.  And now Al Sharpton is saying that the Democrats are not being adequately represented because there are no blacks running for POTUS.  He should wake up.  Or better yet, he can run himself and maybe become the front runner.

Once again the idiotic and moronic Democrats are angry because two very rich people want to be POTUS.  They should be more concerned about those politicians who become rich while in office or shortly after leaving office.

In my lifetime every POTUS, especially among the Democrats but with the notable exception of Harry Truman, was a millionaire either before or after serving in office.

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