But names will never harm me. So they made fun of the family members of Trump. Big deal. When anyone is in the limelight or in the ‘public domain’ they are subject to the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”. Too bad but that’s how it goes.

During WWII the Republicans lashed out at the sons of FDR, accusing them of shirking their duty in the fight against Germany and Japan. All four of FDR’s sons served their country and in combat. James Roosevelt was in the Marines and second in command to Lt. Col. Carlson when his Marine Raiders attacked Makin Island. Elliot Roosevelt was a pilot with over 300 photographic and weather missions. FDR Jr. was a Naval Officer who rose to command a Destroyer Escort. John Roosevelt, the youngest of the four brothers, entered the fray towards the end but did serve in the Pacific.

Harry Truman, when he learned of the critique by the music editor of the Washington Post of his only daughter Margaret, saying that she couldn’t sing, was ready to punch him in the nose, or in today’s vernacular, beat the shit out of him.

For the most part, politicians and their family members, especially high profile politicians, were off limits to the press when it came to their indiscretions or whatever. But that was then and this is now. Case in point being JFK, arguably the biggest whore master that ever lived. The National Enquirer would have had a ball with him.

Earlier this week a panel of Constitutional scholars were in Washington to offer their unbiased opinions and analyses of what is an impeachable offense. One of them made a totally uncalled for and snide comment regarding Barron Trump, to which she later apologized but which included a snipe at Trump. Barron Trump has been and still is in the limelight but I think he can handle it. What bothers me is that when this unbiased professor made such a comment on national TV it surely indicated, at least to me, that she mast have hated Barron’s father to the very core, unbiased or not.

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