TBG International has long been a provider of internet and terrestrial radio programs to the broadcast industry.  TBG International, founded in 1994 by Malcolm Burman, a multi-media communications company, has developed and produced such divergent radio programs as:

  • Different After Dark: The first gay and lesbian oriented show in a major media market.
  • Karel & Company: A socially conscious life style show.
  • Ringside with Johnny Ortiz: An in depth show looking into the world of boxing.
  • The Real Estate Show: Everything you need to know to buy a house.
  • The Auto Show: The truth about auto repair and your legal rights.
  • Cynics Choice: British Comedy featuring the best of British comedy albums and personalities;
  • The Kid from Left Field with Barry Gordon: Political analysis with a left slant hosted by Broadway and film star Barry Gordon.
  • It’s Time to Stop the BS: A political satire with rock’n roller Phil Margo lead singer with the Tokens.
  • Sunday Morning with Jill Barad: An in depth look into California politics.
  • America Swings with Horace Heidt Jr. : A look back to swing music and a look forward to new sounds.
  • Review From the Pew: A movie review show with Rabbi Jerry Cutler and Father Ken Desey.

Malcolm acquired his broad knowledge in the entertainment industry by working at WNEW-TV as a studio supervisor and at Daniel & Charles advertsising agency as a film producer. In Los Angeles he worked at various radio stations such as KFAC, KRLA, KOCM, KSRF, Mars FM, and collaborations with many more; with various roles ranging from sales manager to station manager. Recognizing the changing landscape of multi-media entertainment, he decided to take part in it by creating TBG International to pursue avenues outside of conventional radio.

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