NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW [click here]

It almost sounds like the title of a movie.

A number of individuals have as of late been espousing the above statement as though it was the holy grail while conveniently overlooking the indisputable fact that they too are not above the law.

How so?

As long as I can remember, at least in this country, whenever someone is accused of a crime they have their right to face their accuser.  So happened to our “whistle blower”?  I think that there is no such person and that it was all made up to get our country on yet another series of investigations.  The crimes that Trump has been accused of, in view of the complete lack of credible time sequences and random statements based solely on supposition, appear to be merely wishful thinking on the part of the Democrats.

Additionally, whatever Trump has been accused of, nothing explains the public outrage and declarations by some of our representatives and members of the press insisting that he must be impeached, ALL prior to his taking the oath of office.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s former Reich Minister of Propaganda, had the right idea:  “If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it and you will even come to believe it yourself.”  What happens next is that the original statements become so entrenched in the media and our psyche that it becomes impossible to present an alternative version even if it should happen to be the truth.

I just read the report of IG Horowitz.  I don’t think that former FBI Director Comey read it in its entirety because all he seemed to get out of it was that the IG not find any bias on the part of the FBI.  He ignored the statements that the FBI fucked up (IG Horowitz did not use that word) not just a couple of times but a total of seventeen times.  Someone should tell him that you cannot cherry pick from a report only those parts that you like and ignore the rest when you are trying to defend your actions or inactions.

So how did we get into this situation?

I think it’s because Pelosi wants to be President, Nader wants to be Vice President and Schiff wants to be Attorney General.  I think they should run for those positions and let the voters decide.

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