They finally did it.  It was a foregone conclusion.  Trump became the President-elect on November 9, 2016, was declared POTUS on December 19, 2016 and was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, at which time he took office.  Normally an impeachment process would have commenced sometime after he took office based on something that he did or did not do.  The problem that I have with this particular impeachment process is that it had already started sometime between November 9, 2016 and January 20, 2017.

I have listened to the impassioned arguments made by both sides of the aisle and the critiques given by MSNBC and FOX.  If Trump truly committed the actions alleged by the Democrats and MSNBC then he should not be impeached but rather imprisoned in Gitmo or exiled from our country.  Why waste time and money impeaching him?

I spent a total of twenty three years in law enforcement, most of it with Special Victims and the Child Abuse Unit.  During that period I worked on or witnessed the handling of a number of cases involving child abuse.  As much as we detested the abusers of the children and wanted to lock them up forever, they still had rights and it was our job to accumulate and present the factual evidence as opposed to reporting and or reacting to hearsay or supposition.

We still live in a nation of laws and so it bothers me when an individual, especially the POTUS, can be convicted by a series of accusations which when fully examined do not hold up to scrutiny.  In law enforcement, even though we knew that the perpetrator was guilty as hell, If we could not produce incontrovertible and verifiable evidence, the DA would through out the case.  It’s as simple as that.

Now comes the fun part.  The Senate is supposed to have an actual trial.  This means witnesses, depositions and real evidence as opposed to wishful thinking.  I can’t wait.

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