Cyber World War One

POTASSWIPE did it and got caught. The Constitution prohibits it. The not-so-duly elected president, most of his cabinet, Repelican* lawmakers and the attorney general took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution. They are instead squatting and defecating on it.

We are at war. Make no mistake. We are now engaged in Cyber World War One. In many ways our nation has been, is being and will be attacked by the Russians. More specifically by Putin. POTASSWIPE is aiding and abetting Russia in this war and his enablers are publicly echoing Putin’s conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine and not Russia who meddled in the 2016 elections. This utter nonsense has been disproved, debunked, quashed and otherwise negated by our entire intelligence services and the Congress. To me, it’s no different when they parrot Fox News. Repeating the lies generated by our greatest enemy on the planet should be considered a treasonous act which poses the gravest threat to our nation that we have ever known.

I’m going over and over it in my head and I can’t make any sense out of why the Repelicans keep enabling the spoiled-brat in the Oval Office to malign and reject the rule of law. A frightening number of Trumpenick’s toadies including the right-wing media and in government are in denial that they are aiding and abetting a treasonous cheater whose dubious election to the presidency maintains a palpable aura of stink around it. Why do they make outrageous excuses for his inappropriate and much of the time illegal actions? But there they sat at the Impeachment hearings, watching and dribbling a deadpan drool of incomprehensible word soup while each one of their POTASSWIPE abominable behavior “excuses” was blown to smithereens by a magnificent parade of dedicated, bright and extremely formidable witnesses. In response, all the representatives on “the other side of the aisle” could do was to continue slobbering on with their verbal puke. No, make that verbal vomit. An alliteration here and there spices things up. One of the Repelicans even stooped to bringing up the fact that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. However what was not mentioned was that Honest Abe was defending the Constitution and freed the slaves while the corrupt POTASSWIPE enslaves the free. Further, they never responded to the central item of the investigation which was a “do me a favor though” demand by the POTASSWIPE on a phone call with the newly elected President of Ukraine,Volodymyr Zelensky. Trumpenick, as a condition for releasing the security aid already approved by Congress and arranging a White House meeting, the Ukrainian President would have to open investigations on a possible 2020 political opponent, Vice President Joe Biden. The red corner of the House also insisted that some of the witnesses were not born here in the US so they therefore had duel loyalties, one to the nation in which they were born and the other to the USA which they served so superbly for so long. Never mind that the witnesses were testifying under oath because they were simply keeping dedicated faith to the Constitution. In any case, the overwhelming majority of Americans do indeed come from another land that’s what keeps the AncestryDNA companies in business. Doesn’t the House Repelicans get that the POTASSWIPE’S broad Constitutional responsibility is to the nation and the American People, no matter their party or where they come from? No.The Anti-President has only one responsibility… he keeps faith to himself? As I have stated before in tweets, he is the bus that everyone else winds up getting thrown under.

*Repelican: Bird brains and fishy mouths.

Post Blog Roar:
Nunes is a liar and maybe even a felon.
Bolton with all his hawkishness is a chicken.
Jim Jordon is in dire need of Ritalin

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