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So Beto Max dropped out of the race? Big deal. He could never have won in a million years. But they still have seventeen contenders left. If they have one dropout per month over the next year they’ll still have five left from which to pick. And they still have Hillary, the “dark horse”, waiting in the wings with the bit between her teeth.


That’s in Latin. How many people actually know what it means? In simple terms it means, “You scratch my back and I scratch your back”. Do you honestly believe that none of our Presidents prior to Trump never did such a dastardly thing? If any of our Presidents, going back to the late 18th century never asked for a return favor when dealing with an adversary, then he wasn’t doing his job. Think about it.

If Trump is actually guilty of this horrific offense, is it truly an honest to goodness impeachable act? I guess it all boils down to who committed the transgression and who the accusers are.


This is what I hear on TV regarding the latest Trump imbroglio. The statements made by the Democratic and Republican representatives are so contradictory that they appear to come not from different parties but from different planets.

Maybe not today but at least when I was growing up, if a boy and a girl (and you can’t even use that kind of example these days) went out on a date and afterwards confided to their friends what occurred, the boy would invariably brag that he made out, “like a bandit”, whereas the girl insisted that she was still as pure as the driven snow. You know what? They both lied.

So where is the truth? Somewhere in between.


Tax returns are filed with the Federal Government, the State Government if you are a resident of a state that has income taxes and if you are truly unlucky, the City if you are a resident of a city that has income taxes.

With the exception of the cities, which are essentially collection agencies, the State and especially the Federal Government, will let you know in writing if they have a problem with your return and that they require additional information or clarification. Failure to respond in a timely manner will invariably lead to a tax return audit.

That should suffice, unless you want everyone’s tax return to become public information – because this is what it would lead to. Do you want your neighbor, or anyone who might have it in for you, to have access to your tax return? Forget the fact that you might hate Trump to the very core. Imagine if this requirement of publicly airing someone’s tax return applies to you. Is this what you want?

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