Jeffrey Epstein, nice Jewish boy commits suicide.  Yeah, right! There is no way in hell that this guy took his own life because he was loaded and knew just about everyone who was anyone and in spite of the crimes he was accused of, he had lots to live for.  But because of WHAT he knew he was the perfect candidate to come to an untimely, or maybe it was a timely, demise.  With two guards that fell asleep and security cameras that were inoperative, you tell me.  Most of you probably never heard of Abe “Kid Twist” Reles who was to testify against Albert Anastasia, the reputed head of Murder, Inc. exactly seventy eight years ago when he “fell” out of the window of his room on the sixth floor of the Half Moon Hotel in Coney Island.  The five NYPD cops that were his body guards were of course demoted.  I think it’s called “deja vu”.

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