Halloween, So Many Witches

Hey LA Times. I suggest that your reporters look at your editorial page more.
It seems that some of your news scribes are making unfortunate choices. Can
you please explain how a margin of 36 votes in the House is a narrow
approval? By my understanding a vote of 232 to 196 to begin the
impeachment process is clearly decisive. 218-210 would have been a narrow
margin. I get the impression that some of your staff are “shaving points” in an
attempt to obfuscate the coven that is out and about in this current
administration. Arg, so many witches. A cesspool of high crimes and
misdemeanors, abuses of power, obstructions of justice and train-wreck
policies exhibited daily by the POTASSWIPE along with his henchmen and
molls who are forced everyday to explain what “he meant to say.” Everyday
the flood of verbal diarrhea that pours from their collective mouths would
overcome mega doses of Imodium can ever stem. Fortunately, on most
occasions your editorials call Agent Orange out for the racist/sociopath he is
but the staff reporting seems to try to present a balanced position. It’s not
good for the future of our nation. Foxstica News proves that “Freedom of the
Press” only supports and protects our democracy the way the founders
intended if the press deals in truth… all of the time. Let’s hope the
impeachment “broom” sweeps the witches away before our Constitution
itself is swept away.

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