I was born April 1st 1942 when World War II was almost 4 months old. My
memory goes back as far as VJ Day, the victory over Japan. I remember the
block party we had on Brighton 1st Street in Brooklyn in celebration of the
end of the war in August of 1945. Since then I have witnessed the following
evil shit:

The killing and crippling Polio Epidemic of the forties and early fifties until
the Jonas Salk Vaccine was developed through SCIENCE.

Duck and cover drills in 1949 and 1950 in my first and second grades done to
make us feel safe if a bomb that could wipe out an entire city should land on
our doorstep. That’ll give 7 and 8 year old kids a boost of optimism for their

In June of 1950 the Korean War (deemed “a Police Action”) began and
resulted in 5 million deaths half of which were Korean civilians. Forty-
thousand American soldiers were killed and 100,000 wounded until a truce
was agreed to in 1953 but no peace treaty has ever been signed.

Also in 1950, to fuel his own sick ego and gain recognition for his reelection
campaign in 1952, Senator Joseph McCarthy began his “Red Scare” trumped-
up witch hunt for communists in and out of the US government. Thousands
lost their jobs and careers and some their lives. In March of 1954 McCarthy
was verbally vanquished by Edward R. Murrow on his on Morrow’s CBS
program See It Now. Subsequently, public opinion turned against Senator
McCarthy and following thirty-six days of public hearings the special counsel
for the Army, Joseph Nye Welch was prompted to ask McCarthy, “Have you
no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”
That question is still pertinent of many today.

The Cuban missile crisis which had the world as close to World War III as it
has ever been. It was avoided by a winning combination… diplomacy and

The shocking assassination of President John F. Kennedy 57 years ago and
we still do not know what really happened.

In 1967 an Arab – Israeli conflict known as the Six Day War.

In 1968 the assassination of the beloved and vaunted religious leader
Reverend Martin Luther King.

A second assassination in1968 of Presidential candidate and Former Senator
and United States Attorney General Robert Kennedy

The Vietnam War sanctioned by many administrations and eventually
proven to be bullshit through and through

1973 another Arab Israeli war called the Yom Kippur War..

In 1973 – 1974 there was the impeachment inquiry and resignation in of the
Presidency by Richard M. Nixon who said “I am not a crook.” Sound

Three major space program accidents in which 17 American astronauts died. Three on the ground and 14 in flight.

In December of 1981 a documentary called Warming Warning was broadcast
on the Thames TV channel in the United kingdom. It warned of the negative
planetary effect of fossil fuel and stated tuna unequivocally their ongoing use
would double the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The poisoning of Earth, our
only blue and green oasis in space we have continues to occur with full
awareness of those who are doing it.

The AIDS epidemic.

A slew of pandemic viruses.

POTASSWIPE dubiously assumed the Presidency and most of the nation
suffers under his autocratic rule. He has a base. Check the adjective of base.

Considering all of the above, the current coronavirus pandemic is the scariest
of all. This is mainly so because This is so because, and I am quoting a
former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, “a fucking moron.”

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