FEAR by Mercy Faith (May 2020)

maybe we needed to slow down
maybe Mother Nature said enough is enough
humans are destroying the planet
by polluting the air, the land, the water
with plastics and toxic chemicals invading
our rivers, streams, oceans, lakes, mountain tops
jungles, beaches, farms and lawns
we infringed upon the habitats of other species
killing them or turning them into trophies
something had to give, so a virus transferred
by a bat sent a plague into the world
the ME had overtaken for too long, became dominant,
lost its way, and the WE had to take a back seat,
now the WE is what will save us,
as we retreat from the viral enemy
FEAR has a way to make people change their ways
yet the greed and stupidity is spreading,
we disregard death,
human life doesn’t count, you can be sacrificed
‘cause you’re old or you are a different color
yet you still bleed red, you still die
clearly shopping is more important than living
gotta go to the bar, gotta get a tattoo,
gotta go bowling for dollars, even though the
risk is great, only facts tell the truth
we can’t slow down, we have lost
our way, we need to respect each other
Mother Nature has taken charge,
she is delivering a message from the universe
she is screaming at us to clean up our room,
clean up our act and clean up the planet!
or she will send bigger things to FEAR,
as this is only the beginning

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