To John Roberts


Thank you for your vote on transgender employment and DACA. So far so good.
However, at some point in the immediate future you may also be the deciding vote
in a number of game-changing issues. Four of your associates will keep their oath
to preserve and protect our Constitution. The other four, based on their actions in
the past, will most probably override their better angels and choose keep their ill-
considered vow to preserve and protect the POTASSWIPE.

The damage done this century by the plethora of conservative justices thus far
has been crippling to our democracy. Stopping the vote count in Florida to hand
George W. Bush the Presidency. The results of the Bush/Cheney era was in an
insane and unnecessary war with Iraq costing hundreds of thousands of lives and
shattered economy. Then their was the ludicrous Citizens United decision which
allowed dark money to replace voting by giving far too much elective power to the
mega-wealthy. Citizens United was bad enough when along came the 5-4 decision
to kneecap the voting rights act because “there is no longer racism in the United
States of America.” Are you fucking kidding?

Though our democracy has been ambushed and is down on one knee both
figuratively and literally, the decisions upcoming, that you will be a crucial part of,
could finally, after 240 years, deal a death blow to our amazing system of
governance. Benjamin Franklin stated that “The first man put at the helm will be a
good one. Nobody knows what sort may come afterwards. The executive will be
always increasing here, as elsewhere, till it ends in a monarchy.” That choice will
soon be squarely on your shoulders and for all time your legacy will be that you
were the man who single-handedly preserved and protected our Constitution or
trampled on it and destroyed the greatest nation in all of sentient history. “May it
please the court.”

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