It’s the third decade of 21st Century Earth’s 29th Configuration. Issac (Zack)
Ludlow Carver, an alcoholic, anthropological archeologist, uncovers a craft,
apparently built for flight, dating back a almost a billion years. Carver teams up
with Leslee Rose Myles, a former ugly-duckling turned into a swan and a major
intellectual property attorney, and a stunning, alien humanoid battle the most
malevolent forces in the Universe, including bio-terrorists, shadow-military
operatives, a renegade administration and Dax Wolf, a sociopath genius. However,
the trio’s most daunting challenge is to outfox The Custodians, supreme beings
who were born out of galactic cataclysm and travel by way of starlight with the
sole purpose of finding civilizations who have reached their doom-point and
summarily deleting all evidence of their existence so that an entirely new life form
can emerge.

As with Earth’s previous 28 Configurations, the current 29th is racing toward self
annihilation through desecration of Planet Earth through war and destruction of the
rain forests. Can Zack, Leslee and their otherworldly companion prevent The
Custodians from initiating the Null Quotient? Is it possible for the three heroes to
convince the Nine Custodians to spare their blue and green oasis in space and not
revert to the stardust that is the essential ingredient of the primordial slime?

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