They gave us a gift. It wasn’t perfect and they knew that. Nonetheless they gave it to us in spite of its deficiencies. With that in mind they even gave us ways to correct the document’s errors with amendments and “We the People” have used that method 17 times including giving rights to those who were left out the first time around. We even un-amended a ratified amendment, the 18th, by another amendment, the 21st. The United states Constitution was created to guarantee “rights,” not take them away and that’s why the first 10 amendments are called “The Bill of Rights.”

Now people are panicking because we are most definitely in a “Constitutional Crisis.” However, it’s not a new thing. Our Constitution is always in crisis because it is always subject to change and unfortunately it is also subject to being trampled by those with the economic power to diminish its intent … those who can “buy it out.”

It has become clear to me that the POTASSWIPE is not the head of an honorable administration. Rather he is the “boss of bosses” in a crime syndicate. His two-bit henchmen and henchwomen (I won’t name them because typing their names make me want to puke) but their initials are mm, wb, lg, sm, mp, rg, bc, mm, bd, ec, and the rest of the repelican cabinet and repelican members of congress who are choosing party over country. Also, the tens of millions who support them who themselves risk losing Social Security. Medicare, Medicaid, the environment… oh fuck, democracy itself if POTASSWIPE is re-elected. So the big question is what can be done?

I’m glad you asked. First we have gentlemen like Steyer. Bloomberg, Schultz and Soros to pool some of their multi-billions to set up a unit which brings in the best and brightest computer minds who can create a system to stop foreign interference in our 2020 elections (mainly Ruski vp) which are already underway. It’s pennies to them and a democracy to the rest of us. Next we have organizations that
believe that POTASSWIPE must be defeated, like Daily Kos and/or Move On to invite the public to send in self-created (practically everyone has a camera in their hand) America’s Best Anti-T > # ^^p videos and flood the social media with them. The joy in that is that will piss POTASSWIPE off to no end.
Finally, for now…

There are way more Ds than Rs and if the three million Ds who skipped voting in 2016 and gave the election to the lowlife-lout go to the polls in November we have a strong chance of defeating that sick bastard in the WH. Look what happened in 2018 when the Democrats got off their asses and showed up to cast their ballots. We took the House back. To paraphrase Adam Schiff, let’s take our Constitution back… it’s worth it.

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