It is an ancient mathematical problem. If you can convince someone to work for you for one cent on the first day with the proviso that your will double their pay to two cents on the second day, four cents on the third day, eight cents on the fourth day, and so forth they will end up receiving $5,368,709.12 just for the 30th day.

Similarly, if you can fold a piece of paper whose width is .099 mm a total of 103 times (in actual practice it is almost physically impossible to fold a piece of paper more than 7 times) it will be as wide as the known universe or 93 billion light years. One light year is 5.874601 trillion miles. This translates to: 546,337,893,000,000,000,000 miles.

Expansion of the Corona Virus follows the same principles. This means that if I am infected and I touch two people on the second day and they in turn touch four people on the third day and they touch eight people on the fourth day then in 30 1/2 days, or less, the entire planet could be infected.


I’m trying to combine Pelosi and POTUS. I think I figured out what her problem is.
She desperately wants to be POTUS but without having to run for office. Good luck.
Another investigation? It’s time she got over it and stop wasting taxpayer money.


The mayor of New Orleans is blaming Trump for their spike in the virus because he
did not cancel the Marci Gras.


Once the dust settles there will be a reckoning as to who knew what and when in
China. Hopefully this will also be a wake up call for the US. People ask how we ever
got to be so reliant on China. Two reasons. They make a lot of their stuff real cheap.
Greed in this country by being in a big hurry to sell all of their cheap stuff.

What will not pass is the lack of long range planning wherein we get caught with our
pants down. This happened three times in my lifetime: Pearl Harbor on December 7,
1941, 9-11 on 9-11-01 and now the Corona Virus. This is not the first virus that has
visited us nor will it be the last. Every time we have a flood we should be able to
manage the water if we had proper planning. And what are we going to do when the
big one comes? I’m talking about the comet or over sized asteroid with our name on
it. We’ll get a couple of weeks warning and then we can kiss our asses goodby.

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