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In a nation so great as ours why do we continue to foment and encourage insanity and then permit it to run rampant?

We have teen age hoodlums with black masks running around in certain communities, beating up those who don’t agree with them, much the same as their predecessors did during the last century, except that back then they wore white masks while the police officers stood by and watched.

We have an abundance of bona fide certifiable fruit cakes of all political denominations running around in our country who shouldn’t even be allowed to be near firearms let alone own one and yet they are still able to obtain them because some of us do not want to impinge on their rights. Who is to blame? The NRA and Trump, of course. It should be pointed out that the perpetrators from the fruit cake element of our society are not now nor have they ever been members of the NRA. Trump? Why not blame George Washington and Betsy Ross? Colin Kaepernick would.

On the other hand, since when are fifty or hundred round drums or bump stocks ever needed for deer hunting? If you’ve ever gone deer hunting you would know that after the first shot the deer is off and running so that if you didn’t hit it with the first round you truly suck and should go back to the range for more practice.

The Socialistic Syndrome which almost twenty of the Democratic candidates for POTUS say they ascribe to is incredulous when you consider that the two largest countries on this planet, by size and population, China and Russia if you haven’t figured it out, have embraced Capitalism. They must surely know something that we don’t. Some Socialistic programs may not be bad and may even be necessary, provided you have the Capitalistic Engine with which to pay for them.

Bernie Sanders should take notice of this fact and while he’s at it, his statement that he is against the police utilizing facial recognition technology should be expanded so as to include, no more fingerprints and no more DNA. Way to go, Bernie.

For almost every legitimate transaction such as getting a driver’s license, getting a fishing license, getting medical treatment, getting a loan, getting a life insurance policy, getting a telephone number or signing up for a public utility such as electric, gas or water we need to show proof of who we are. No one has said that this is racist, so far. So why are some people screaming that asking for proof of who you are when it is time to vote is racist when this act may turn out to be more important than all of the others?

Or is it only certain segments of our society? The outright hostility and so-called mild aggression towards police officers in some of our communities is totally inexcusable, no matter what your political affiliation is. This disgusting and permissive behavior will stop only when the leaders of these communities decide to take action. And I’m not even talking about those who like to shoot at the police.

I’ve said this before so I’ll say it again. With the exception of the American Indian everyone in this country is either an immigrant or descended from one. Some say that they are the necessary life blood for our future growth. Perhaps. But they should still enter our country legally. If some of you don’t like the law, then change it, legally – but don’t ignore it because you don’t like it. Has anyone asked the question why these immigrants are coming here in droves? What have they been promised and by whom? I for one refuse to believe that the children seeking refuge in our country are doing so because they are politically oppressed in the country of their origin.

I have taken enough courses in Economics to know that there is absolutely no sane reason for our stock market to gyrate the way it does. With unemployment for all segments of our society at a record low, inflation under control and most companies reporting profits, what more could you ask for? Okay, so the banks, the oil industry, big Pharma and the hedge fund managers are not making what they were used to. Big deal. Just because someone in Moscow or Beijing happens to fart our stock market should not have to jump through hoops. The companies that we invest in are not worth any more or less than before the fart. Our stock market and its erratic behavior reminds me of a psychiatrist dealing with a schizophrenic patient who refuses to take the meds that he or she needs in order to be stabilized.

It seems as though almost all members of the established media dislike Trump, no matter what he says or does, some of them with what amounts to vile hatred. Yes, Trump can at times be referred to as an obnoxious person because he truly knows nothing about anything, he shoots from the hip when he should be discreet, he may have short changed dozens or perhaps hundreds of people during his climb up the ladder of success and to top it all off, he is rich. This is more than enough to cause any number of people to dislike him. A lot of people in the entertainment industry seem to hate him with a passion yet they don’t even know why nor can they articulate their reasons should they have any. Even foreign governments dislike him. Good. If they all liked him he wouldn’t be doing his job. I would prefer that they fear and tremble when he walks into a room, except of course in the case of Russia, who he is an agent for as attested to by representatives Nadler and Schiff who, to this day, have refused to share any of their undisputed evidence of collusion with Bob Mueller.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a group led by the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, has stated that companies should, going forward, look out for the interests of each and everyone of its stakeholders which includes employees, customers and society in general and not just its stockholders. A radical trend indeed which if followed through may be the evolutionary step needed for the maturation of Capitalism. But, human nature being what it is, there will be any number of people who will disagree with this ground breaking innovation for any number of reasons, real or imaginary.

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