I. Cease the incessant bantering with Iran. Say absolutely nothing about any kind of retaliation. Wait for them to respond.

II. Meet with the Congressional Representatives responsible for intelligence (the gang of eight) and fully brief them on everything related to the present situation with Iran.

III. Deposit with the UN an unsigned check for $1,000,000,000 with the proviso that instructions regarding its disposition will follow.

IV If and when the Iranians launch any kind of attack or reprisal that results in the death of an American, respond simultaneously as follows:
1. Notify all of the leaders of all of the major countries that we are responding as per
2., 3., and 4., below.
2. Totally and unequivocally destroy all of Iran’s nuclear sites.
3. Totally destroy all of Iran’s radar tracking sites and anti-aircraft facilities.
4. Totally destroy all of Iran’s Air Force.

V. Cease all war activities against Iran and sue for peace.

VI. Lift all sanctions against Iran.

VII. Instruct the UN to dispense $1,000,000 of the $1,000,000,000 deposited with them to each family where someone was killed as a result of the attacks in IV above. If the number of deaths exceeds 1,000 the US will add as much as needed.

VIII. Totally depart from the mid-east and leave them all to their own devices with the exception of those countries that specifically ask us to maintain our relationship.

IX. Continue with the impeachment process.

X. Get ready for the election in 2020.

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