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Retirees may be saving the country. How? By not working, by not looking for work and by not taking someone’s job even if that person is a lettuce picker. What they are doing is spending their money. This means that approximately 17% of our total population is helping to keep our economy afloat.

The best of people. The worst of people. That’s what you get when you are in a war. We haven’t been in a war that took place on our shores for 160 years. That was the Civil War. We’re in a war now and the enemy is us. While most people are facing up to the task and doing their best, there are always the few that love to take advantage in difficult times. Who? Profiteers and price gougers for example. Politicians, obviously. I could go on and on but what’s the point?

Hospitals are hospitals and nursing homes are nursing homes. Do not confuse the two. Whereas hospitals are essentially non profit organizations, nursing home are absolutely, positively and without a doubt profit making institutions. They are also something else which most people already know but are not willing to admit. They are warehouses for those who are bidding their time for the inevitable. Until such time that nursing homes are held to the same standards as hospitals we will always have issues with inadequate medical care, runaway illnesses and abuse.

Some people say that we should make them pay for their arrogance, subterfuge and not telling the world that they had a tiger by the tail until the tiger was already loose. Some people say that we should sue them. For what? Our stupidity and greed? Yes. Our stupidity and greed. We all let it happen when we became a massive employment agency for their millions to make all of that cheap shit that they flooded our country and all the other countries with. Congress is in the process or has already passed a law that permits private citizens to sue China. Big deal. To quote an old phrase, anyone who tries to sue China, doesn’t have a Chinaman’s chance of collecting. So what should we do? Buy nothing that is made in China. They’ll get the message.

Ever hear that of word? Probably not. It was a class that we had in ROTC. It deals with the position of a country relative to other countries based on its size, population, natural resources, its army, economic strength and anything else that would give it an advantage over its neighbors, near and far. Geopolitics, if anything, is a prediction of where China will be in the not too far off future. While they have been a super power for some time due to their size and membership in the most exclusive of clubs, that of the atomic powers, they were essentially an agrarian economy until Nixon opened the door for them and ushered them into the economy of the rest of the world. As they say, the rest is history.

I do. Every day, in fact. And you know what? No matter which channel I watch, I get the feeling that the news is from different planets. Ever see the movie, “Roshoman”? That’s exactly what the news is like. The same event with the same participants speaking the same words, yet depending on which channel you’re watching, the news stories never match. Why is that? Because people see and hear what they want to and nothing is going to change that. Take the two extremes, MSNBC and FOX NEWS. You could say that one of them is left of Lenin and the other right of Goldwater. Sometimes in order to get a completely objective viewpoint I will watch the BBC. They have no axe to grind and in my opinion tell the news and just the news with no spin whatsoever. Yes, it is very boring that way.

I have said it so many times, over and over. Runaway population growth will be the death of our planet, not the greenhouse gasses or other bullshit pertaining to the warming of our planet. Yes, the planet is warming but that is due to the Milankovich Cycles. You never heard of it. Google it. It’s all there for anyone intelligent enough to be able to read and understand. It is why we have an Ice Age every forty one thousand years or so. We are presently in the warming cycle and in about ten thousand years or so we will be entering the cooling cycle and voila, another Ice Age in about twenty one thousand years. And so on. Between 1940 and 2020 our planet went from roughly two billion to seven and a half billion. That’s an increase of 375% over eighty years which is more than we had since Adam and Eve. And that’s on an up swinging curve. Assuming that we do not increase our present level of fornication, we would have approximately twenty eight billion in another eighty years. Do you think our planet can handle it? In another eighty years if we don’t use up all of our natural resources we’ll surely drown in all of our sewage and stupidity. Some people I know say that by that time we will be living on other planets. What were they smoking?

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