Malcolm Burman keeps on emailing me for for more blogs.  So here we are but this may very well be my last blog.  Why?  Because I feel like I’m shoveling shit against the tide.

Some people say that I am a fan of Trump.  I am NOT a fan of Trump.  I am a fan of the good things that Trump has done.  There is a difference.  Pray tell, what ever could Trump have done that was good?  More on that later.  In the meantime let’s go over some other things.


Not Hillary but Nancy Pelosi.  She wants it so bad that she can taste it but she won’t run for the office.  She wants to get it by default and if not directly, then behind the scenes. She has no interest in healing the divide in our country that is now at its greatest since the Civil War.  I remember her tantrum like behavior when she tore up Trump’s speech on TV for the entire world to watch.  Good move Nancy.  All she wants is revenge and to put the last nail in Trump’s coffin.


There is absolutely no excuse for what happened on the Capital grounds, none what so ever.  The perpetrators should be apprehended and brought to justice.  Period.  And they should be given all of the rights and privileges that were given to those who set fire to the government buildings in Portland and other sections of our country.


That’s what it says on the banner of the New York Times.  Shades of William Randolph Hearst and his specialty of “yellow journalism”.  A righteous newspaper should not have to take sides.  It should report only facts and let its readers decide what is true.  There are just so many opinions or op-eds it can dump on us.  The NYT recently “exposed” all of the 147 Representatives of Congress that considered opposing the results of the 2020 election.  I’m surprised they didn’t include the home addresses of the 147 so they could be visited by Antifa or the deranged Democrat that tried to kill Steve Scalise at an intra mural ball game between the Republicans and Democrats.


I have been calling out for a while that our big tech media giants have been in violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act, not only because they have been operating in restraint of trade but more importantly that they exercise far too much control over the minds of the people and can impose their own version of censorship for the benefit of society. Since when do we allow corporate entities that are controlled by individuals barely out of puberty to have so much unbridled power and decide what is acceptable for general consumption?  Big tech has clearly become too big for its britches.  Those who don’t see this have their heads either in the sand or up their ass.  Take your pick.


The problem of student loans has gotten out of hand.  It is an abomination.  It should never have happened.  So what can we do about it?  We cannot forgive all of the loans that have not been paid back because it would be a gross insult to those who did pay back their loans.  What we should do is to forgive all of the interest on said loans, both prospective and retrospective.  On the plus side, student loans did provide the means whereby the high costs of advanced education could be ameliorated.  On the negative side it gave a green light to our educational institutions that it is okay to raise fees.  The result of this careless attitude is that so many of our higher educational institutions now have a ratio of administrators to faculty which is obscene.  Many of these institutions have as many as one administrator per two faculty members and in some instances the number of administrators is equal to or greater than the number of faculty.  And you wonder why the cost of education is as high as it is.


The bullshit never ends.  Are we going through Global Warming?  Of course we are.  But not solely for the reasons given.  The earth’s tilted orbit, the amount of wobble in the tilt and the eccentricity of the orbit, which are constantly changing, control the amount of sunlight that we receive from the Sun.  This is why we have ice ages approximately every 41,000 years.  We are now in the warming phase which will last for another 9,800 years or so at which point we will revert to the cooling phase and another ice age in approximately 20,500 years.  I learned this in high school.  You don’t believe me? Check out the “Milankovitch Cycles”.  You can Google it.


Do as I say, not as I do.  It runs rampant in our country.  Everything that Trump is being accused of, real or imaginary, the mainstream Democrats and the Liberals in particular are guilty of exactly the same deeds and more.  They are quick to condemn any acts that they do not approve of but they will promote and laud all such behavior by the Democrats or Liberals because they are “peaceful” demonstrations.  Just play back the TV interviews of Congresswoman Mad Max Waters or Governor Andrew Cuomo’s kid brother.  What’s more, they think nothing of the suppression of free speech.


1.   He did more for Israel than any other POTUS, bar none.
2.   He brokered recognition arrangements, that others said could never happen, between Israel and at least three and possibly four Arab countries, with more coming.
3.   He is the only POTUS to call out China.
4.   He took a tough stand against Iran when all that Obama and Kerry did was to kiss their ass.
5.   He is the only POTUS to challenge the Washington swamp.  Perhaps if we had term limits for our elected representatives we wouldn’t have a swamp?
6.   He used his obnoxious personality to get big pharma to produce a Covid vaccine in record time.
7.   He forced VA officials to overcome their inefficiency so that our veterans could get medical assistance in days instead of months.
8.   He used his obnoxious  personality to get NATO members to pay their fair share.
9.   He is trying to get us out of crappy wars.  We were in WWII for less than four years. How long are we in Afghanistan?
10.  He built a wall on our southern border.

There are more but will any of them be remembered?


Did Trump lose out to Biden?  No.  Trump lost out to Trump because he refused to recognize that his abilities were not on a par with his ego.  He also has absolutely no understanding of the word, “perception”.  Some people refer to this condition as a form of Hubris.  It makes no difference what you do or what your underlings tell you.  What truly matters is how things are perceived by others.  In this he failed, badly.  Perhaps he’ll make up for this deficiency by pardoning Hunter Biden?  The kid could surely use a break.  On a final note I will quote what Ronald Reagan, our 40th POTUS, said:
“If fascism ever comes to America, it will be in the name of Liberalism”.

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