I’ve been saving it up but I don’t know where to begin.  When you don’t know where to begin you usually begin at the beginning, or maybe the end.  Take your pick.

TRUMP LOST.  Did the Democrats cheat?  Maybe.  But not nearly enough so as to swing the election.  So a few dead people got to vote.  Big deal.  So why did he lose? Because his abilities were not on a par with his ego.  Because he shot from the hip, one time too many.  Because he pissed off the “old boy” entrenched Republican hierarchy. Remember, when you drain the swamp you have to watch out for the alligators, from both sides.

STORMING OF THE BASTILLE.  I mean Washington, DC, on January 6th of this year. Two thousand years ago in Ancient Rome, the Legions were never permitted to enter the city.  The reasons should be obvious.  Did Trump cause this mini rebellion? Did he organize it or make the arrangements for it?  Did he wave to the protestors from his balcony?  In spite of what some of the major Networks and a handful of Hollywood type entertainers would have you believe, it is the last thing that Trump would have wanted. Nevertheless, he has to own up and assume the responsibility for it.  Why?  Because it happened on his watch, plain and simple.

DID TRUMP DO ANYTHING GOOD?  Some of my acquaintances who are extremely talented in their own area of expertise have told me that Trump lied 10,000 times and that everyone knows it.  And that was after I told them 1,000,000 times that they should not exaggerate.  Did Trump ever lie.  Perhaps.  But that’s what politicians do. It’s in their DNA, all of them.  When I pointed out, with solid documentation, the sheer volume of lies that emanated from the Democrats all they could do was to imitate the three monkeys; hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil.

So what did Trump do that was good?
He did more for Israel than any other POTUS.
He was the only POTUS to institute Prison Reform.
He was the only POTUS to stand up to China.
He was the only POTUS to stand up to Iran.
He was the only POTUS to get the members of NATO to pay their share of costs.
He was the only POTUS to get the VA to do it’s job.
He was the only POTUS to take action on our southern border.
He was the only POTUS to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as did
King David 3,000 years ago.

MARXISM IN AMERICA.  Many years ago I had an interesting conversation with one of my co-workers regarding the animosity and possibility of conflict between our country and Soviet Russia.  My co-worker asked me what I thought about the prospects of war and peace.  I told him that was the title of a famous novel written by a Russian.  I then pulled out a dollar bill from my pocket and said, “The future will not be all red, white and blue nor the hammer and sickle on a field of red.  It will be green like this dollar bill because in time we will become more like them economically and they will become more like us economically.”  He looked at me like I was crazy.  That was back in 1962.

Over time Soviet Russia and its satellites did come to embrace Capitalism over the teachings of Marx and Lenin, as did China.  So why are our so-called educated college students of today, who know almost nothing of American History, voicing their approval and admiration of socialistic societies?  Because that is what they have been led to believe by a slow and steady diet of insidious indoctrination wherein the evils of Capitalism were explained to young impressionable minds.

Is there an evil side to Capitalism?  You bet your ass there is.  When someone can spend 165 million on a home, not 1.65 million but 165 million, as reported in the Wall Street Journal some months back, it is an abomination.  When oil companies raise their prices (they don’t pay any more to the hole in the ground) whenever a Saudi Prince burps or farts, it is an abomination (and they still have their oil depletion allowance from our gullible Government).  When large tech and media companies can amass billions, not millions but billions, and not pay taxes, it is an abomination.  I could go on and on about the evils of Capitalism.

Are Socialistic Programs good?  Yes.  But we must maintain the Capitalistic engines with which to pay for the Socialistic Programs.

It has been said that no matter what happens, the rich get richer and the poor have babies.  If this is ever to change we must have an enlightened form of Capitalism. Bernie Sanders pay attention.  This means that the mega companies should no longer get a free ride at the expense of all the working stiffs out there and pay their fucking taxes.  No more bullshit that the retained earnings are necessary for job creation.

AND WHAT ABOUT CHINA?  They have been sticking it to us ever since they became a Capitalistic society.  So what can we do about it?  Stop buying all the stuff that they make.  That’s how they got to be where they are.  But it’s cheaper to buy their stuff than ours.  Instead of our Government paying people to stay home, they should pay our manufacturers a subsidy so as to permit them to compete with China.  You don’t even need tariffs.  When Eisenhower left office he said, “Beware of the Military Industrial Complex.”  There are a number of individuals and retail outlets in our country that have become rich due to the imbalance of trade between our country and China. I say, “Beware of the Chinese Manufacturing US Marketing Complex.”  On the other hand, if we do nothing, we’ll still be ahead of China in Broadway shows.

TERM LIMITS.  If we are to grow as a country we must have Term Limits for Congress and the Senate like we have for POTUS.  It is an idea whose time has come.  Serving in Congress or the Senate (note that I use the word “serving”), should not be a life long career in which to get rich.

HISTORY.  What does the word mean?  His story.  Whose story?  His story.  It has been said that the stories written after a war are always told from the viewpoint of the victor. That is his or her story.  When the story is told by someone who was not there at the time you run the risk of getting a distorted story if the writer is a distorted person or one who insists on telling only one side of the story.  There are always two sides to a story and many times any number of versions in between. Who are you to believe? Surely not the writer who may be slightly biased.  It is the writers or reporters job to spread out all of the evidence before the reader and trust that he or she has the good sense and intelligence to decide for themselves.  And while they’re at it the writer should not re-write history because they don’t like it. They should present all of the facts, not just their facts.  If part of our history is ugly or gruesome, it should not be eradicated nor buried but rather presented to everyone, warts and all, if we are to grow.

TEACHERS.  For a long time Teachers were under paid and under appreciated.  But with the growth of Teacher’s Unions over the years, they have become a force to be reckoned with.  Don’t forget that the Teachers are the ones who have molded our young minds into what they are today, for better or worse.  As I recall Teachers are supposed to teach our students the “Three R’s, Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic”, and anything else that goes into making the student a good person.  Nowhere does it say that the Teacher was to teach the student Ideology, period.  This is something they have taken upon themselves.  An exception could be made if the Teacher presents both sides of the equation but that is rarely the case, as evidenced by the shenanigans and childish antics of our college students when visiting speakers do not parrot what they believe is the only truth.

STUDENT LOANS AND THE HIGH COSTS OF HIGHER EDUCATION.  How did it get to where it is?  It started when the Government opened up its Student Loan Program. This was a green light for the colleges and universities to charge whatever the market could bare.  As a result of the hands off approach to higher education, many of our colleges and universities have one administrator per teacher and in some isolated cases two administrators for each teacher.  And you wonder why costs have skyrocketed. Student loans were intended to help the student with limited or no assets to get a higher education, not for the Government to make a profit.  This does not mean that Student Loans should be free but they should be interest free.

AMERICA SUCKS.  If you think that our country is such a horrid place you should leave and go to one of those shit holes where all the residents want to do is to come here. What is curious is that when the residents of those shit holes come here some of them want to convert our country into a shit hole like the one they came from. Why is that?

BOOK BURNING.  It’s baaaaack.  The Nazis did it back in the thirties.  Amazing how history repeats itself.  But “Dr. Seuss”?  Give me a break.  Thank goodness we can still buy copies of “Mein Kamph”.  Amazing.

AFGHANISTAN.  What is it known for?  At one time it was known as the home of the fabled Khyber Pass.  Now it is known for its war lords and poppy seeds from which heroin is made.  The “experts” say that it has strategic value.  Strategic my ass. With Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, GPS, the Internet and everything else that we have it is no more strategic than the planet Pluto, which has since been downgraded and is no longer classified as a planet.  Furthermore, we should never ever enter into a war unless we intend to win it.  After 2,400 deaths and more than 20,000 wounded of our brave men and women during the past twenty years of mental masturbation it is time to say adios (that’s a Spanish word).  The Taliban will surely take over the country and revert everything back to the way it was during the 13th century.  What will take place will be far worse than what we experienced in Vietnam Nam during the 1975 debacle, particularly in view of how the Taliban thinks of emancipated females.  It will be a blood bath of beheadings galore.  Good sense, which our Government never had a monopoly on, dictates that we should have at least retained the Bagram Air Base from which our forces could spring forth should the need arise.

THE ECOLOGY.  I’m sick and tired of hearing about the warming trend from our pundits on the dark side.  Are we going through a warming trend?  Damn right we are.  But there is nothing that we can do about it because of the Milankovitch Cycles.  You never heard of them? Look it up.  Google it.  I learned about it in high school.  It is the reason we have ice ages every 40,000 years or so.  And we are now in the warming phase which will continue for about another 10,000 years or so and then it swings back to the freezing trend.

While on the subject of Ecology, what about our natural disasters that can be avoided?  The surface of our planet is maybe three fourths water so why do we have water shortages?  If we would desalinate a minute part of what we have there would be more than enough to turn our deserts into gardens.  There is ample land in our country that is managed by the BLM where water sheds, lakes and dams can be established with which to contain the rainfall before it flows back into the oceans and in our streets.  If these storage facilities are located within our forests the water can be used to douse our perennial forest fires.

INFLATION.  In spite of a rising stock market for the past four years, there was little or no inflation.  As soon as the pundits from the dark side started to pontificate about inflation, it began.  If you predict that it will happen it will surely happen because human nature being what it is, people will take the prediction as a green light to go ahead and that it’s okay to be greedy.  So who are the biggest culprits? The oil companies.   Their greed affects everything that we do in this country. There is absolutely no reason for them to raise their prices by fifty percent.  It is nothing more than pure opportunistic greed.

BULLSHIT.  It surrounds us so much so that it has become part of our everyday life. For a while now all we’ve heard from the Democrats were cries to defund the Police. It didn’t seem to matter to them that our cities were burning, that lawlessness was the order of the day or that homicides were at an all time high.  And now the Democrats say that it is the Republicans who want to defund the Police.  How stupid can you get?

They blame the gun manufacturers for the gun violence but never the one who pulls the trigger.  Why not blame the automobile manufacturers every time someone gets run over by a car?

The latest is that the Democrats are accusing the Republicans for the “Jim Crow” laws designed to repress the voting rights of Blacks, Latinos and poor people in general.  In 1862 POTUS Lincoln (you’ve heard of him), a staunch Republican no less, issued the Emancipation Proclamation and almost one hundred years later another POTUS, Eisenhower (you’ve heard of him), also a Republican, issued the directive enforcing school integration and backed it up with troops from the 101st Airborne Division. During that period of time between those two Republican Presidents, it was the Democratic Party that stood fast as the bulwark of every imaginable device to promote discrimination and maintain segregation throughout our country while they resisted every attempt of the Republican Party to make changes. They have a very short memory indeed.

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