Many years ago my mother imparted words of wisdom to me which I did not fully appreciate until as of late. These word of wisdom were, “Never ague with a stupid person because even if you win, you still lose”. She also told me that whenever in a group of people, “Never discuss politics or religion”. Taking that advice one would not lose any friends, if in fact they ever were friends, but that would be ever so boring.

Another thing my mother told me, as did a lot of other mothers back then, is that “The Democratic Party is the Party of the people and the Republican Party represents only the rich”. For many years I believed this, as did a lot of other kids, until I started to research the facts. I found that during my lifetime every Democratic President, with the notable exception of Harry Truman, came from wealthy families. And if they weren’t well off when they took office, they sure were by the time they left office. So much for the Party of the people.


During the past month I watched the Democratic and Republican Conventions, such as they were, and could not help but notice that not only did they differ on every single issue, it was also as though they came from different planets. Were they lying? Last week I heard a TV pundit declare that Trump lied more than 20,000 times, the implication being that Democrats never lie. 20,000 times? Wow. The TV pundit was quoting the Washington Post or Wapo.

Kamala Harris, in her acceptance speech made a few statements that I had to check out, you know, Google them. She said that Obama and Biden turned over to Trump the most successful economic engine that the US has ever had and then he ran it into the ground. She also said that because of Trump’s handling of the Covid 19 Virus, 175,000 people died unnecessarily. This I had to Google because Democrats never lie.

The hard truth of the matter is that the stock market ranged from $16,516 to $18,142 between February 1, 2016 and October 1, 2016. After the election the stock market rose to $19,763 by December 1, 2016 and kept on growing until it reached $29,551 by February 12, 2020, an all time high. Then came you know what and the market tanked down to $18,592 by March 23, 2020. As of this week it’s around $28,000 and growing. As to the Covid Virus, anyone can be a Monday Morning Quarterback. Nevertheless, after Trump instituted a China travel ban which was on January 31, 2020, Joe Biden accused him of “hysterical xenophobia and fear mongering”. You don’t believe me? Google it. So I ask you, what was Kamala smoking at the time?


Have I lost any friends due to politics? Let me tell you about one of them. A fairly well known lawyer friend of ours sent me an email in which he accused me of helping rich clients get large tax deductions for their Defined Benefit Pension Plans, which is what I did when I worked as an Actuary and that these large tax deductions only caused the lesser fortunate to have to pay higher taxes. He also said in the same email that the Democratic Party was the only Party that ever did anything good for our country.

In my response I reminded him that he too had such a Defined Benefit Pension Plan, long before he ever knew me. I also reminded him that Abraham Lincoln was in fact a Republican and if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t even have a country today. Following my response he wouldn’t talk to me for almost two years. When he did talk to me he accused me of being anti black because I did not “take a knee” and did not believe in “black lives matter”. When I responded that “all lives matter”, he called me a racist.

I chose not to remind him that although the South and the Southern Democrats lost the Civil War, they never really gave up the fight as evidenced by their continual display of the Confederate flag and insistence on “Jim Crow” legislation and the outright discrimination that they practiced for the next hundred years. It was not until President Eisenhower, a Republican, brought in federal troops to effect the integration of schools in the South, that things began to change.


What is wrong with them? Do not the various Police Departments across the country train their officers or do they just show them some cowboy movies and then turn them loose with a badge and a gun? I spent twenty three years with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and one of the first things that we learned in the Academy is that you don’t shoot people in the back, especially when they are unarmed and are not an immediate threat. Period. End of story.


All I hear from the Democrats these days is that the Republicans are the sole reason for the divisiveness in our country yet all I see on TV are Democrats or their minions attacking anyone who is even remotely Republican or does not conform to their interpretation of righteousness. I don’t see the Republicans doing that to the Democrats. Can you imagine if the Republicans also resorted to such tactics? We would have actual warfare in our streets. What happened to intelligent debate and majority rule?

Things have regressed to the point where people are afraid to voice their political views for fear of being attacked by mobs of unemployed idiotic teenagers. What’s more, we no longer have free speech on our College campuses. Who is to blame for this? No one individual. It’s a process that started years ago.

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