Get Over It

Enough already.  This continuous streaming of sanctimonious bullshit from up on a high horse is starting to get to me.  The rules laid out in the Constitution are straight forward wherein the House votes for impeachment and the Senate holds the trial.  Period.  And nowhere does it say in the Constitution that the Senate must concur with the House.

The perennial cry babies now complain that it really wasn’t a trial because no witnesses were called to testify.  I thought that the House had already called all of its witnesses.  What the House conveniently forgets is that the Constitution does not mandate that the Senate must bring forth additional witnesses.

What we should not forget is that the House was in a big hurry to vote on impeachment before their Christmas vacation and then sat on it for over a month.

So what about witnesses?  John Bolton?  He would welcome the opportunity because his being called as a witness will surely help to double his book sales.

I for one would like to see the witnesses called, all of them.  But that would drag out the impeachment process to way past the upcoming election.  A simple agreement wherein each side will call perhaps a half dozen witnesses, no more, with the appropriate Q & A for all the public to see and hear should suffice.

So who would I call?

The “whistle blower” would be my first choice.  I want to know if in fact he truly exists and what were his prior connections to the Democratic Party or its representatives.

I would not call Joe Biden.  Due to his age and having served for thirty years in the US Congress and another eight years as Vice President I would, out of deference, give him a pass.

I would however cal Hunter Biden and the other Biden family members who obviously reaped a-plenty due to their connections.  What does this ever have to do with Trump? Nothing.  What does it have to do with honesty and integrity?  Everything.

Lastly I would call Adam Schiff, the pompous know-it-all orator who has taken it upon himself to protect the American public from making another mistake this coming November.  In his own words he cannot leave it up to the electoral process.  While we’re at it I would ask him what happened to the incontrovertible evidence that he had in his possession regarding Trump’s collusion with the Russians that he did not turn over to Mueller.  This is one guy we really have to have up on the witness stand.

The Constitution has been around for about 230 years.  If the Senate does not call for any more witnesses and finds Trump not guilty, which they have the right to do, the Democrats will be belly aching for the next 230 years saying that it was not a real trial because there were no witnesses.

While trials are based on procedure, there is always perception.  That is why I say, bring on the witnesses.  The Democrats should be careful of what they wish for because these witnesses may very well end up besmirching the Democratic Party, especially its lunatic fringe, for the next 230 years.

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