What If?

There seems to be a general objection to “What if” questions.
“I don’t deal in hypotheticals.” is a statement often used by those who fear
conjecture or who intend to obfuscate and lie. In truth however, the human
race is all about hypotheticals:
What if that hot light that caused so much pain when touched could provide
light and warmth? What if we crossed the oceans? What if we looked for
the cause of diseases and sought to conquer them? What if we have a
democracy instead of a monarchy? What if we invite people from all lands
to bring their ideas to share with us? What if we build a flying machine?
What if we provide aid to a nation we defeated in war to enable them to lift
themselves in peace? What if we build a network of roadways across the
nation for travel between cities and towns? What if we went to the moon?
What if a President who says “I am not a crook,” actually is certainly a
crook? What if we go to the stars? What if we search and categorize the
basic building blocks of our human race?
The quest for fire, the conquering of the seas, the discovery of medicines, a
representative republic, immigration, the Marshall Plan, the highway
system, manned flight, human footsteps on our nearest space neighbor,
unmanned galactic vehicles giving us a glimpse of our beginnings and DNA
So “what if” the late Antonin Scalia or one of the other four his fellow
partisan supreme court justices would have chosen to protect the
Constitution and ordered Florida to complete the counting of the votes? If
so, Al Gore would have been POTUS in January of 2000 instead of G.
Dubya Bush. Yes, if that one of that quintet did not bend to pressure and
dogma and ultimately did the right thing it could have absolutely changed
the world.

During his term as Bill Clinton’s Vice President Al Gore posed the question
again and again: What if we do nothing to fight against climate change?
Unfortunately George W. Bush did little which is a puzzlement since it was
under Republican President Richard M. Nixon’s watch that the EPA,
(Environmental Protection Agency) came into existence. President Barak
Obama tried but he had to deal with Moscow Mitch and an oil based
painting, the Republican Congress. POTASSWIPE changed the EPA into
the Environmental Petroleum Agency. The results of ignoring Al Gore are
currently pouring in and they are breath-taking. No, I mean they are literally
taking our breath away as in the air we need to breathe not to mention our
glaciers our polar bears our icebergs our bees and poisoning our water
and… well you get the idea and it ain’t pretty and will get much, much more
So… to you ridiculous and cowardly Republicans out there: What if the
Supreme Court hadn’t made the lawless, trumped up decision to stop
counting the votes in Florida and Al Gore became POTUS in 2000 instead
of the dimwitted, shoe-toss target we wound up with? The nation Dubya
handed over to Obama was a train wreck. There was 911, the Iraq War
where literally trillions of dollars were spent and billions of dollars were lost.
Not wasted, actually nine billion just evaporated somewhere in the Iraqi
desert. Then Republican faux patriotism reared its ugly head and before we
knew it we had Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and the TSA.
So if if Al Gore was inaugurated as President the Climate Crisis would have
been immediately addressed at the turn of the 21st Century and we’d have
had almost a score of years of repair instead of twenty years of more
horrible damage. Damage that most people in the world can see and feel.
We would be off oil which means the oil cartel’s money vacuum would slow
because we could buy much less of the slimy gooey shit and BFO (Big
Fucking Oil), which includes Russia would no longer own our government
except for the Republican part.
The attacks on 9/11 might have been avoided because we would have had
a president who could read PDBs and other intel material instead of “My
Pet Goat.” Since our intelligence collection found that the USA would be
attacked by airliners we know that our intelligence professionals did their

job but their warnings went unheeded by those in charge. There would be
no TSA nor Homeland Security (a Nazi name think the Fatherland) or the
Patriot Act which is blatantly unpatriotic. Also we wouldn’t have had one of
the most useless sacks of protoplasm that ever lived, lie and con us into
the Iraq War based on REAL FAKE NEWS. The late Ambassador Joe
Wilson shined a light on that cockroach but he was ridiculed. Thank you for
trying Ambassador Wilson. What if there were no Citizens United or
Corporations are People or the shredding of The Voting Rights Act or the

winnowing away of women’s healthcare? What if the current, mainly right-
wing Federal Society SCOTASSES (Supreme Court Of The ASSES) were

on the side of the Constitution instead of the wealthy and powerful? What’s
happening to “of the people by the people, and for the people?”
Which brings me to my new Barnacle Bill Awards. I named them not for
“Barnacle “ Bill The Sailor but rather for “Barnacle” Bill Barr because a
barnacle is described as being a fouling organism. However, I am not going
to give my Barnacle award to the current AG even though it is named for
him. My first Barnacle Bill awards go to all the right-wing anti-justice
SCOTASSES. In the main, Antonin Scalia. William Rehnquist, Clarence
Thomas and sadly, the swing votes which swung and missed, of Sandra
Day O’Conner and Anthony Kennedy These five voted against the the very
heart of our Republic. Our vote. So even though the plurality went to Al
Gore, the Florida electoral votes went to his opponent and we got a second
President Bush. Imagine… purposely deciding to not count votes? Men and
women throughout American history risked and gave their lives to protect
our democracy, the essence of which is our vote. Now, now the entire
Republican tribe believes that nobody should vote unless they are voting
Republican. They piss on the law and shit on the Constitution from the top
When the current POTASSWIPE was elected, falsely, I thought it was a
horror show but it never dawned on me until now that one more term and
he will be the last president.
To quote Shakespeare:
“The good men do is oft interred in their bones
The evil lives after them.”

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