All Of The Time

On Yom Kippur day I stood in front the Ark at the afternoon services. I was
asking the Creator for continued life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for
myself, my family and my country. However, as I put my hand on the Torah I
was also painfully aware that those high principled “inalienable rights”
promised by “The Declaration of Independence” are now in grave jeopardy
because of the deranged and thoughtless actions of the snot-nose ORANGE
POTASSWIPE and his slime pit of jackals. The Executive Branch claws at
and tears apart ethics, morality and legality. Day by day they are making a
mockery of everything that this nation stands for. They consort with evil here
in the USA and throughout the world; they spread like an oil slick to protect
and cling to the mega wealthy so they may remain in power and like an
epidemic they spread their infectious tentacles to strangle and erode the civil
rights of women, the poor, the middle class, and most minorities. While all
this was echoing in my mind a passage that I read earlier in the service caught
up to me. The following is a paraphrased version of the passage in the High
Holiday prayer book where we say the sin in Hebrew and softly pound our
hearts with our fists to show contrition.

Abuses, betrays, is cruel, destroys, embitters, falsifies, gossips, hates,
insults, jeers, kills, lies, mocks, neglects, oppresses, perverts, quarrels,
rebels, steals, transgresses, he is unkind, he is violent, he is wicked, he is
extremest, he yearns to do evil, he is zealous for bad causes.
All of the people commit some of these sins
Some of the people commit most of these sins
POTASSWIPE commits all of these sins

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