Any nation that does not have a free press is not a democracy. It may be an
oligarchy, an autocracy, a dictatorship or a monarchy, but certainly not a
democracy. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of the press. It is in the First
Amendment and was “ordained” that way so that ‘‘We The People” wouldn’t
be manipulated into believing totally false statements and outright lies from
our government leaders and representatives.
POTASSWIPE is at war with the free press. He calls most of it fake news
because he is a serial liar (more than 12,000 lies in three years and he has a
strange fascination with dictators who ban the free press and freedom itself.
Men like Putin and Hitler. Of course Hitler had Joseph Goebbels who
repeated his lies so many times that the German people believed they were
the truth. Similarly POTASSWIPE has Fox News… or most of it anyway.
These entities also sucked up to their overlords and told them whatever they
wanted to hear which was far from the truth. It is not only the responsibility
but the duty of all media, to point out any shredding of the truth. For
When any Republican member of Congress the, Cabinet or any right wing
pundit blusters on Fox News or any other media outlet that the current
impeachment inquiry should not continue without a formal vote by the House
of Representatives, they should immediately be informed by the host or
interviewer that Constitutionally, House rules and by precedent it is not
incumbent for Congress take a vote to conduct impeachment investigation.
When they attempt to minimize POTASSWIPE’S Ukraine debacle by
insisting that there is no “quid pro quo,” they should be reminded that it is an
impeachable offense if the POTASSWIPE merely “solicits” a foreign
government for information that would violate our electoral process.
Finally, when they propose that Turkey would have attacked Syria whether
the POTASSWIPE acceded to it or not, it must be emphatically stated that the
POTASSWIPE made the decision to give the go ahead with the President of

Turkey on a phone call without the input or knowledge of any other
government entity including the intelligence agencies and the defense
department and Congress. Further the current cease fire clearly demonstrates
how thoroughly unfit the POTASSWIPE is for his office.
When those who cloud the truth not having law or facts on their side are
allowed a pass, democracy is being thrown under the bus. That bus is the

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