Growing Up

Growing up in Brooklyn was an education.
It taught me to be strong even when afraid.
Many say I have the gift of gab.
Thinking it comes from a long line in my family, they all loved to talk and laugh.  I sure can bla bla with the best of them.
I started working in the garment when I was 19….wow over 37 years ago. I have always loved clothes, fashions, trends, colors, fabrications!
Especially meeting all the different buyers from all over the world.
Retailers tell me my merchandise is in Europe, PR, Japan, Canada.
I love that!
My favorite look is the boho girl.
Bohemian speaks to me.
My favorite line of clothing is free people!
Obsessed with their prints, and quirky trims!
I used to travel before having my beautiful daughter Mallory.
Loved going to do shows!
Atlanta, GA and
Dallas, Texas Was the best!
The South always felt so friendly!
The fact that they loved to drink and let loose….
problematic but fun lol.
Spend lots of time in India putting together lines of clothing at factories. Beautiful hotels w/“the Bollywood”
Been very lucky to have such great memories of the good ole days.
Fine restaurants, best hotels, shopping in London.
But I always said….
when I got home there’s no place like home.
Still feel the same today!!
however after this Corona Virus pandemic I may get ants in my pants in a very short time.
Keep safe sending prayers xoxo

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