It Never Ends


Does it really matter what Joe Biden did or didn’t do some twenty seven years ago with a campaign groupie? Leave the poor guy alone. If he did the deed he probably has no recollection of it anyway. In my lifetime I can’t think of one our Presidents or Presidential hopefuls, with the exception of Harry Truman or Jimmy Carter, that didn’t fool around. Although Jimmy Carter denied ever having strayed, he did admit to having “lusted”. Wow. Even the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was a gimp and a cripple, knew the value of a good hump on the side.

Look at Jack Kennedy and his brethren. Jack was in a class unto himself and Bobby wasn’t too far behind. And let’s not forget little Teddy who gave new meaning to the expression, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”. And what about Hillary’s husband Billy boy? After Bill Clinton left office a well known survey was conducted in which 10,000 females in our Capitol were asked in they would have sex with the President and 85% of them said, “never again”. It’s a joke. Fugedaboutit.

What bothers me about this side show is that not that long ago a lot of the people that are quick to give Joe Biden a pass were more than ready to crucify Brett Kavenaugh for far less with no evidence, actually running amok in the process as though they were participating in a shark feeding frenzy. Due process and evidence? Why bother?


It didn’t happen overnight. Back in 1972 Nixon opened the door to China, all in the hope of promoting trade between our two countries. Remember, China represented the largest potential market with its then population of around one billion or so. In 1979 Jimmy Carter, Mr. Peanut, initiated our first trade agreement with China. In 2000, Bill Clinton implemented a new trade agreement with China in which he said, “more trade will advance America’s economic interests”. That’s exactly what he said. As of January of this year we owed China 1.08 trillion dollars.

The Chinese are not stupid. They’ve been around for thousands of years so what’s another fifty years or so? They can afford to be patient. While American businesses were licking their chops thinking about the Chinese market opportunities, China was able to lull us into a state of complacency by providing us with a never ending supply of inexpensive products from one end of the spectrum to the other. Instead of our being able to glut China with whatever we could make, they turned the table on us and turned us into one gigantic employment agency for their people. No one seemed to care because it was a slow process so that no one seemed to notice it. Take a good look around you, in your home, apartment or wherever and you’ll see that almost every thing you pick up is made in China. Case in point. Of all the products that Walmart sells, approximately 75% comes from China. The other 25% probably comes from the third world countries.


Holy shit. Did the Chinese do this intentionally? Not likely. Most probably it was a fuckup in one of their labs. There have been any number of movie plots with that kind of scenario. But there is no question that they sat on it while trying to figure out what to do. They kept a lid on it for at least a month and that was all it took. In a way it was a monster wake up call for us and the rest of the world. Will we survive? Probably. How long will it take? Who knows? While this virus may not be deadly immediately to everyone, it does act in mysterious ways. Going forward I truly hope that the powers that be will examine everything that China says not with a grain of salt but with a whole box.

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