I still can’t get my head around it! The whole thing.

Doesn’t it bother you at all that * was pardoned by 52 Repelican senators
some of them admitting that he did wrong and most of them knowing that he did indeed seek foreign intervention to aid him in our upcoming elec-tion, obstructed congress and was named as individual 1 in a case that his former attorney is sitting in jail now for following *’s directions in the porno payoff scandal?

Aren’t you at all disturbed that * wants to gut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security which is a detriment to seniors especially those who rely on Medicaid for their healthcare and their monthly checks to keep them off the streets?

Do you find that you are concerned about the group of criminals * put in charge of the various cabinet posts as “acting this or acting that” without “acting” Senate confirmation? These incoherent and incapable socio-paths are undermining and degrading everything from the rule of law to the advancement of alternate energy technology, to public education, to our image on the international stage, and literally making rules that con-tinue to fill the pockets of the non-tax-paying corporations, their CEOs and quite probably themselves?

Do you fear that the Repelicans and their “fuhrer” will not hesitate to fix, rig, falsify, manipulate, distort or trump up the upcoming 2020 election in their favor?

Does it irk you or make you at all uncomfortable that the current attorney general is using the department of justice as *’s personal tool for saving guilty associates and OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE?

Do you wonder that if all of the horrible and illegal acts being perpetrated by this administration will find approval by John Roberts and his four right- tilted comrades?

Do you believe that * deserves to be imprisoned?
Bottom line: The Repelicans are afraid of the future and they want you to be afraid as well so they want to cancel it!

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