They finally did it.  It was a foregone conclusion.  Trump became the President-elect on November 9, 2016, was declared POTUS on December 19, 2016 and was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, at which time he took office.  Normally an impeachment process would have commenced sometime after he took office based on something that he did or did not do.  The problem that I have with this particular impeachment process is that it had already started sometime between November 9, 2016 and January 20, 2017.

I have listened to the impassioned arguments made by both sides of the aisle and the critiques given by MSNBC and FOX.  If Trump truly committed the actions alleged by the Democrats and MSNBC then he should not be impeached but rather imprisoned in Gitmo or exiled from our country.  Why waste time and money impeaching him?

I spent a total of twenty three years in law enforcement, most of it with Special Victims and the Child Abuse Unit.  During that period I worked on or witnessed the handling of a number of cases involving child abuse.  As much as we detested the abusers of the children and wanted to lock them up forever, they still had rights and it was our job to accumulate and present the factual evidence as opposed to reporting and or reacting to hearsay or supposition.

We still live in a nation of laws and so it bothers me when an individual, especially the POTUS, can be convicted by a series of accusations which when fully examined do not hold up to scrutiny.  In law enforcement, even though we knew that the perpetrator was guilty as hell, If we could not produce incontrovertible and verifiable evidence, the DA would through out the case.  It’s as simple as that.

Now comes the fun part.  The Senate is supposed to have an actual trial.  This means witnesses, depositions and real evidence as opposed to wishful thinking.  I can’t wait.



    I’m again forced, in good conscience, to rise to the defense of a President I do not like.

    Today, Democrats attempt to frame their actions as a discharge of their solemn duty under the Constitution. In truth, it is an abrogation of that duty. It is a dangerous and unprecedented misuse and circumvention of the Constitution. If you want to see a true abuse of power turn on the television. It’s happening right now – right before our eyes.

    The Constitution invests the power of impeachment in the Congress, but it also specifically defines the grounds for impeachment as “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

    The Congress does not have the constitutional authority to impeach a POTUS for anything other than a “high crime or misdemeanor”. More importantly, to do so is itself an abuse of power, that makes the alleged abuse of power by the President pale in comparison.

    The real abuse of power here is not the President’s phone call. The real abuse of power is Congress’s attempt to frame that call as a high crime or misdemeanor when it is neither under the law.

    The Articles of Impeachment, now being debated by the Congress, contain no allegation of any crime under the law. This is in sharp contrast to the Nixon and Clinton impeachments – both of which detailed actual crimes under the law.

    This is a dangerous and expansive interpretation of the power of impeachment. It attempts to expand the power of Congress, to impeach a president for no crime at all, by allowing Congress to unilaterally define conduct, which is not criminal, as a High Crime and/or Misdemeanor.

    These Articles of Impeachment, which fail to include any crime, lack what is or should be the threshold foundation of a “high crime and misdemeanor”. Namely, a crime. As such, they do not honor the Constitution. They attempt to circumvent it. And in doing so, they set a very dangerous precedent.

    The second Article of Impeachment, claiming Obstruction of Congress, is also a clear circumvention of the Constitution.

    The Constitution creates a balance of power and a system of checks and balances, by creating three separate and co-equal branches of government.
    Article one creates and empowers the Congress, Article II creates and empowers the Executive Branch (the President) and Article III creates and empowers the Judiciary.

    Disputes between the Congress and the Executive are, under the clear mandates of the Constitution, to be decided by the Judiciary. This separation of powers is at the very core of the Constitution and a foundational principal of our American democracy. It is far more important and essential to our system of government than the alleged actions of the President, which form the pretext for this unconstitutional impeachment effort.

    Here, by attempting to impeach the President, for Obstructing Congress, the Congress is clearly and unambiguously circumventing the Constitution. By failing and refusing to allow the Judiciary to resolve their dispute with the Executive Branch, and attempting to use their power of impeachment in its place, the Congress is not discharging their duty under the Constitution – they are disregarding and undermining it.

    This is a gross misuse of the Impeachment process, in a transparent attempt to influence the 2020 election. And it will influence that election – only not as Democrats hope.

    Democrats like Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler all went on record months ago as saying that any impeachment must be bipartisan to be supported by the American people. This impeachment lacks bipartisan support. Few if any Republicans are or will support this impeachment. Why? Because they are all ignorant or partisan? Really, not one of these human beings have any insight or integrity? If you believe that, it’s actually you that lacks insight and/or integrity.

    Republicans are united in their rejection of this misguided and corrupt effort, not out of partisanship or ignorance, but because it is unjustified under the law and the Constitution.

    Today, make no mistake, it is the Democrats who are acting out of partisanship and ignorance by misusing their solemn and limited power under the Constitution.

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